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I am a UK based independant Project Manager with additional skills in software development. Take a look around the site you will see links to the products I have developed and Project Management services I have provided.

Affordable Project Management
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About Me

In the Beginning:

In 2001 I made the decision to set up on my own to offer project management services. I obtained my first contract with Sefton Council in Liverpool soon after. I worked on a number of interesting projects at Sefton Council not least a project to install Alley gates to alleyways around the council area. This was an interesting project working with outside agencies for the installation of the gates and maintenance of keys.

The Growing Years:

Since that very first contract I have managed to continue gaining work throughout the years and getting valuable experience in IT technologies as well as Project Management methods.

Where I am going:

In the last couple of years I have diversified from just doing project management to developing software for both business and pleasure.


Malcolm Ball

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The Chief cook and bottle washer, I manage the organisation and do the work. I left school in 1970 and joined the Army (Royal Corps of Signals). I served in Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, Germany and Blandford and York in the UK.

I left the Army after serving over 22 years in 1993. On leaving the army, I secured a position as development manager for a small software company based in Cardiff, Wales where I built up a team of 5 people to develop a software application to manage project costs.

I left Cardiff in 1996 to join an up coming company called PWA Personnel Systems Ltd. PWA was one of the leading HR providers in the UK and was eventually taken over by Great Plains and later Microsoft.

I left Microsoft in 2001 to set up on my own and offer project management to public and private sector companies.