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Family Diary ServiceFamily Diary Services

V1.0.0 First version of the Family Diary services.
V1.1.0 Added a pick list to the dialog to allow the picking of a certificate to use for client authentication.
V1.1.1 Added Search buttons to server and certificate pick lists in the database installation program. The lists are no longer populated automatically. This provides a quicker load time.
  • Changed the SQL Server pick list to allow you to type in the server name
  • >Changed the certificate pick list to populate with the first certificate found
  • Changes to the service and the database installer to allow for appointment reminders.
  • Added some additional error handling to try and get more feedback for XAML parser errors
  • Changes to the database installer to remove the reliance on SQL Server SMO which resulted in installation problems for some people
  • Changes to the service installer. The SQL Server instance is now installed automatically
  • The initial installation dialog does not ask for a SQL Server details and now only requests a server certificate to use
  • Minor bug fixes in the handling of MS Outlook recurring appointments
  • Changes to the service installer making it a more efficient install
V2.1.0. First production release


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