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Military Service (Army)

Royal Corps of Signals

WO2 Yeoman of Signals (Senior Operations Manager) - 1989 to 1993

  • Led a team of four in the day to day running of a joint UNIX and Novell network throughout the School of Signals. The network clients where Windows, DOS and UNIX based.
  • Responsible for training and effectiveness of the team, conflict management and mentoring.
  • Produced bespoke database applications using xBase 4GL languages such as dBase, DBXL and Foxpro.
  • Maintained large multi operating system LAN and servers with a help desk for signals staff.

WO2 Yeoman of Signals (Senior Operations Manager) - 1985 to 1989

  • Responsible for training and operational effectiveness of a unit of 200 soldiers.
  • Managed large scale secure communications infrastructures both in barracks and over large parts of Germany. These infrastructures where built with secure communications switches over radio relay communications links. Planned the geographic location of these nodes, frequency usage and moved them when necessary to give the best communications possible.
  • Responsible for all unit Top Secret Cryptographic codes and equipment.

Early Army Career - 1971 to 1985

Management of secure data terminal communications between a mainframe computer at base and outlying terminals across Northern Ireland. This entailed liaison with BT for communication lines and modems as well as management of operational staff and technical resources.


Honours and Awards

Long Service and Good Conduct (22 Years Service)

General Service Medal with clasp Northern Ireland


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