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Family Diary Windows Home Server V1.0 Add-in


You should alredy have installed the SQL Server instance and the Family Diary service on your server.


Installation Instructions

Once downloaded, extract the msi file to a folder on your Windows computer and then copy this to your Home Server\Software\Addins folder.

When the msi file has been copied, start up your Windows Home Server console and go to the Settings - Addins tab and select the available tab, you should see the Family Diary Add-in available for installation. Click the Install button to install the Add-in.

In the console you can list, add, edit and delete all Family Diary Members, Categories and Contacts. In the settings dialog you can start and stop the service, and set default communications perameters for the service. You can also set the default name for your Family Diary as well as control how Members, Categories and Contacts are added to the database.


Known Issues

There are no known issues at present.