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Family Diary Services


Before installing the Family Diary services on your server you must have a working instance of Microsoft SQL Server. If SQL Server is not installed on your computer then the Family Diary services installer will install a copy of SQL Server 2005 or 2008 before installing the services. If you already have a copy of SQL Server on your computer the Family Diary services installer will install a new instance onto the existing SQL Server for Family Diary to use. NOTE, you must install the Family Diary services using an administrator account.


Installation Instructions

Once downloaded, extract the services files to a folder on the computer you are installing the services on and double click the setup program to start the installation.

When the setup program has run, there will be a short delay before the database creation program runs, this will run automatically. If for any reason the program has not run you can find it in the application folder, double click the familydiarydatabase.exe file to run it.

The database creation program will display a dialog box requesting  a certificate to use for the remote clients. If you want to be able to connect to the services without having a Windows account or Windows Phone you will need to enable remote access and assign a certificate to use from the pick list, otherwise leave the box unticked.

Once the program has run successfully, the Family Diary service will start and your Windows firewall will be set up to allow access to the service. It is important that you accept any administration prompts from the firewall to allow this access.

If you are installing to a 64-bit Windows Server product the setup will install SQL Server 2008 Express R2, if you are installing on a 32-bit Windows Server it will install SQL Server 2005 Express.

Please note: Currently there is no Add-In for Windows Server 2011, but there is a configuration utility installed on the server that can do all the things that the WHS V1.0 Add-In can do. You can find this in the Program Files\Family Diary start menu. The configuration utility is supplied on both 32 and 64 bit versions.

32-Bit Download

64-Bit Download