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Family Diary Outlook 2010 Add-in


Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 must be installed prior to installing this add-in.


Installation Instructions

Once downloaded, extract the add-in files to a folder on your Windows computer and double click the setup program to start the installation.

When the setup program has run and the program has been successfully installed run Outlook and go to either Calendar or Contacts pages. You should find an additional Ribbon Group called Family Diary, this group has three buttons, Settings, Import and Export. The Import and Export buttons will be disabled. To enable Import and Export you must first set up the connection to the Family Diary service.

Click the Setup button and you will be presented with a dialog box which will allow you to enter the name of the server where your Family Diary service is running. Once you have entered the server name click the 'Connect' button and you should be connected to your Family Diary service. You will need to do this each time you open Outlook for the first time.

It is possible that access to Outlook can be delayed when you first run the program whilst it connects to your Family Diary service. If this delay is too long you can disable the 'Connect on startup' option in the Settings dialog.

Once you are connected to the Family Diary service you can set a default Member account which will be used for import and export of data to and from Family Diary.


Known Issues

There are no known issues at present.